Now’s the time to take advantage of the last spots of the season! Here’s three great reasons why you should book a last minute fishing trip with Aylmer Lake Lodge, Northwest Territories.

EXCELLENT FISHING – Historically August is the start of the Lake Trout spawn, some of the biggest lake trout of the season, with many reaching tyee (30 lb) size.

GREAT WEATHER – Northwest Territories typically experiences the warmest and brightest weather of the summer mid August, making this your best chance to hit the water under sunny skies!

FANTASTIC RATES – We often get short-notice rescheduling requests by guests this time of the year, so if you can join us last minute, you can take advantage of some of our discounts!

August 4-11, 2017 Regular Rice $11,600 US for 2 people

On Sale for $$10,000 US Plus 5% Tax

August 11-15, 2017 Regular Price $7,700 US for 2 people

On Sale for $7,000 US Plus 5% Tax

Sunny Ways


July 30, 2017 dawned with blue skies and cloudy patches. The wind was out of the South West taking those clouds away from us. We headed out and the bite was on. The pressure system that had been plaguing us and the fish was done. We had been keeping fish for supper each day and the bellies were empty. When we headed in with our supper fish today the bellies were plum full. Which was a confirmation that they were hungry and ready to eat whatever we threw at them.

The morning fishing saw us nab a 38lb fish, a few in the 25-30 range, and those high teens were hammering the lines. We came back in at 2:30pm as it was time for this group to leave  the lodge.  Excited, sorry to be leaving, wishing they had another week at the lodge. That tells a clear story of the successful fishing trip this group had. Confirmation that they will be returning next year to once again enjoy the fishing that we have to offer.


Our new group headed out in the boats for the evening fishing after getting their licenses, and there gear sorted into their cabins.

The group headed out for the afternoon fishing and it turned into a great afternoon for them.  The location picked, the lines down, the trolling began and a strike within 20 ft, let the games begin! The afternoon had bite after bite on the rods, biggest brought in was 25 pounds with the rest being in the high teens.


The evening after supper a few of the anglers were in the dock fishing and caught and released 10-12 fish.  A beautiful sunset turning into fire red and brilliant pink against some dark clouds.

Windy Arctic Waters


July 29, 2017 and the wind,  our fond friend just keeps coming back. We are continuing to mark mega fish with the big old boys and girls in there. Just as the weather across Canada is throwing a temper tantrum so it is here. The predictable flow of summer in the Arctic is sending up surprise weather.

Each boat out today boated about 30 plus fish in the high teens, low twenties, lost lots of big fish today. Tip up boys! The river fishing was hot today caught lots of fish in the Thonokied river. It was a blue sky day with calm water that had the wind pick up about 4:00pm today.

The boys had a blast, lots of action on the rods, and lots of chivying over losing the big boys at the boats. All in all it was a really great day on the water.


Well Hello Mr. Musk Ox


It’s July 28 and we are coming off of 2 days of cold winds and rain. We elected to come in for lunch to wring out our gear, put some homemade soup and homemade buns in our bellies and head back out. Just as we finished lunch the rain slowed down to a slight drip drip and off we went.

We headed out and got to our fishing spot dropped the lines and the sun poked through the clouds, the clouds started lifting and the bite was on. The clients said; “man it was constant, every minute you had a bite!”


Big smiles, and a great fish fry at the lodge, hammer, hammer, hammer hitting the rods. The tug is the drug. Between 50 and 60 fish tasted the steel on the line this afternoon. We were hammering high teens and the boys lost some big ones, nothing more frustrating then bringing that baby to the boat and poof I am gone!


In the evening a small group headed out for a walk to take in the scenery and spotted a lone bull muskox moving through a few hundred yards behind the lodge, circling around the bay to the far side for a drink.  Then to top it off as we shut the generator off for the evening we heard Loons out on the water calling. Were you aware that a Loon cannot walk on land? There feet are positioned too far back on their bodies. What a great ending to a day.

Fishing Lake Trout In the Arctic.


It’s July 27 and morning arrives bright and cheerful and the group and Aylmer Lake guides are looking forward to another Trout slamming day on the water. Breakfast is done we are heading down to the boats with a nice breeze rippling across the water. We head out single file from the dock to secure our first spot to drop our lines and begin another great day on the water.  We are marking lots of fish and we are managing to bring a few up for a look and release.

Lunch time arrives and we come together for shore lunch and the banter begins what did you catch. The numbers start to roll in at least a dozen fish per boat all in the high teens and early twenties. Sitting on that great rock jut out we pause just before heading back into the boats for that group photo. Memories are greater than anything money can buy.  Business relationships strengthened, family memories, and bonding moments with like minded friends…”Remember when?”


Back into the boats and out we go into the cloud bank that proceeded to turn on the water facet and let us know that Mother Nature was in a fine rainy afternoon mood. Great thing is the fish love water so back to more strong action for the afternoon. We again are marking lots of fish and the action picks up for the stories around the supper table.

The afternoon saw us again hitting high teens and low twenties, with a few ones hitting twenty five pounds. As we arrived back at camp cold, wet, tired the lights in the lodge were on and the smells from the kitchen were egging us into the dining room for a hot bowl of soup to warm us up and tide us over till supper.


Great Fishing & Bird Viewing

5 GREAT REASONS it’s been a Unforgettable Summer!
Reason 1
Big fish and no sign of slowing down as we approach the Lake Trout spawn “Hogfest”.



Reason 2
Fishing at the top of the world on the oldest rocks in the world.
The Barrenlands is Nirvana of Canada’s north. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.




Reason 3
Land of the never ending sun
Is a natural phenomenon that occurs where the summer sun can have 22 plus hours of daylight.


Reason 4
Arctic peregrine falcon babies
Come see the arctic peregrine falcon babies, bring your camera as they are very cute. These falcon have reached speeds of over 200 miles an hour on their dives.


Reason 5
Fantastic food
Guests just cant get enough of the cuisine, from home cooked meals and desserts to homemade bread and buns.




Aylmer Lake Lodge Fishing Report July 23, 2017



Photo courteous of guide Nathan Dahl.

The weather conditions have been extremely variable-fishing is getting better as the weather does.
The wind was a challenge this last week, that wind stacked the bait up against shoreline, and the lake trout have been biting. The bay that we fished in had a Long Tail Jaegers following our T-60 plugs.


Photo courteous of Francis Lessard.



Sundown on Rocknest Bay, Aylmer Lake. Photo: Kevin McNeil

When it comes to certain daily activities – such as fishing – we provide each guest with high quality protective equipment such as personal flotation devices, padded cushion seats in the boats. We recommend bringing a small dry day pack that has a waterproof cover and a waterproof bag or protection for your camera. You may also wish to bring some optional gear depending on your interest level in different activities. Each day – depending on expected weather conditions and interests of guests – we will present a couple of experiences that we wish to offer you. You can choose the experience that resonates most with you. Activities may include fishing for huge lake trout, hiking, photography safaris, boating, and canoeing. You may wish to bring along more personal gear such as extra camera batteries, extra memory cards, binoculars, fishing waders and boots, fishing rod or flies/lures, and a waterproof camera or GoPro camera (with float). We welcome you to share with us your expectations and interests for your time at Aylmer Lake Lodge. We are committed to exceeding your expectations making your experience as unforgettable as possible!

Clothing you should pack for your arctic trip. When considering the layering system that works for you, it’s important to consider a few things:

the temperature ranges from -2°C (28°F) to +30°C (88°F) during the summer
the weather can vary including wind and rain. Snow usually does not return until October.
there is little to no shelter out on the tundra.
The good news is, “there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing!”

Our boats return home after a long day of exploring on Aylmer Lake . Photo: Kevin McNeil

We all have unique experiences when it comes to cold weather. Some of us are furnaces, while others are chilly pretty much all of the time. The key is knowing yourself and how you react to the cold. Do you find enduring cold weather a challenge? When looking at merino base layers and insulating down or synthetic mid-layers, choose a heavier fabric or higher loft or fill power. In contrast, if you are a person who gets warm or hot quickly while moving, consider lighter, wicking fabrics. Ultimately, having three or more layers is the key, because you can take off layers gradually as you get warmer, regulating your temperature.

It is imperative that you bring with you waterproof outer layers, as rain doesn’t discourage us from getting outside! The boats that we use to cross Aylmer Lake are open boats so you will have spray on windy days, but even when boating, we will spend time on the land hiking to beautiful panoramic lookouts or to get closer to the migrating caribou, muskox. Along with waterproof outer layers, we recommend comfortable rubber boots. We all wear and love the neoprene/rubber Muck Boots – http://www.muckbootcompany.com. They are great for getting in and out of the boats. You should also bring hiking boots/shoes as you may find them less cumbersome for longer hikes where we are not expecting to encounter much water.

Other important items you should bring include:
lip balm
waterproof jacket
Floater jackets are great for the boats
waterproof pants
comfortable/casual clothes for meals and relaxing around the lodge
base layers (we recommend merino wool)
mid layers (fleece or wool)
insulating layers (down/synthetic down jacket or vest)
waterproof gloves (or mitts)
toque (warm hat)
hiking pants
warm socks and socks for hiking
Muck boots
hiking boots
comfortable slippers for around the lodge
personal items and toiletries
*Important: Please refer to the pre-expedition documents you have received for a more detailed packing list.

Big Fish

A must have while traveling to wild and far-flung places, is a journal. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish – just a place to jot down thoughts, feelings and observations, to record plant and animal names and to describe our incredible surroundings.

For further assistance in preparing for Aylmer Lake Lodge, we invite you to check out the Adventure page of our website, where a gear list and frequently asked questions can help you with your trip preparation.

Fishing Friends in The Arctic

One of the coolest things about lake trout fishing on the barren-lands of wild Northwest Territories? It is the seclusion of being the only boat on a lake or river all by your self with only your thoughts to pass by the time, but don’t forget that tug of the rod it brings you back to reality. Many fisherman it is about the journey and the friends that are there with them on this fishing journey.
For most it is about conversation that you have, the stories that are re-lived again, the smiles and expression on your friends faces when they know you are telling a fishing story, these build lasting memories of a great friendships through fishing for lake trout in the wilds of the Northwest Territories

Fishing Lodges are for Making Memories

There’s just something wonderful about getting a group of family or friends together in a isolated location, and there’s something about cabin decks themselves that imply both honor and fun. When you go to the cabin, you’re going to have a good time. What a gorgeous morning at Aylmer Lake Lodge! Sitting on the deck in the early am with a cup of hot coffee at the fishing lodge, over looking barren-lands of Rocknest Bay. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA