Fishing Lake Trout In the Arctic.


It’s July 27 and morning arrives bright and cheerful and the group and Aylmer Lake guides are looking forward to another Trout slamming day on the water. Breakfast is done we are heading down to the boats with a nice breeze rippling across the water. We head out single file from the dock to secure our first spot to drop our lines and begin another great day on the water.  We are marking lots of fish and we are managing to bring a few up for a look and release.

Lunch time arrives and we come together for shore lunch and the banter begins what did you catch. The numbers start to roll in at least a dozen fish per boat all in the high teens and early twenties. Sitting on that great rock jut out we pause just before heading back into the boats for that group photo. Memories are greater than anything money can buy.  Business relationships strengthened, family memories, and bonding moments with like minded friends…”Remember when?”


Back into the boats and out we go into the cloud bank that proceeded to turn on the water facet and let us know that Mother Nature was in a fine rainy afternoon mood. Great thing is the fish love water so back to more strong action for the afternoon. We again are marking lots of fish and the action picks up for the stories around the supper table.

The afternoon saw us again hitting high teens and low twenties, with a few ones hitting twenty five pounds. As we arrived back at camp cold, wet, tired the lights in the lodge were on and the smells from the kitchen were egging us into the dining room for a hot bowl of soup to warm us up and tide us over till supper.


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