Sunny Ways


July 30, 2017 dawned with blue skies and cloudy patches. The wind was out of the South West taking those clouds away from us. We headed out and the bite was on. The pressure system that had been plaguing us and the fish was done. We had been keeping fish for supper each day and the bellies were empty. When we headed in with our supper fish today the bellies were plum full. Which was a confirmation that they were hungry and ready to eat whatever we threw at them.

The morning fishing saw us nab a 38lb fish, a few in the 25-30 range, and those high teens were hammering the lines. We came back in at 2:30pm as it was time for this group to leave  the lodge.  Excited, sorry to be leaving, wishing they had another week at the lodge. That tells a clear story of the successful fishing trip this group had. Confirmation that they will be returning next year to once again enjoy the fishing that we have to offer.


Our new group headed out in the boats for the evening fishing after getting their licenses, and there gear sorted into their cabins.

The group headed out for the afternoon fishing and it turned into a great afternoon for them.  The location picked, the lines down, the trolling began and a strike within 20 ft, let the games begin! The afternoon had bite after bite on the rods, biggest brought in was 25 pounds with the rest being in the high teens.


The evening after supper a few of the anglers were in the dock fishing and caught and released 10-12 fish.  A beautiful sunset turning into fire red and brilliant pink against some dark clouds.

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