Fish Stories – That Fish


We’re blessed here at Aylmer Lake Lodge to fish for what we think are some of the most beautiful lake trout in the world. Although, to set a goal to catch a fish more beautiful than most, on light tackle, with out down riggers may have been a little overambitious when looked back upon.. But we went for it anyway.

The day started off as any other. The plan was to fish lake trout in the morning, and then catch the early afternoon baby arctic perigean bird watching. But the lake trout was the goal. I had a few places in mind to fish and only half a day to hit them. So, needless to say, we needed to make the best of our time.

The morning progressed amazingly. When anglers make the decision to fish a surface light flutter spoon, you know you’re in for a good time!

And then I felt it… While trolling over a shallow rocky reef, my angler made a cast in front of the boat into the shallow water. Immediately, a lake trout came at full force to destroy the spoon, but all I saw was the unmistakeable large tail of a lake trout only a few feet behind, can’t believe this lake trout left this his home for such a offering.

The lake trout just seemed too shy to come entirely into view and leave the comfort of his dark crack in this 3.8 billion year old rock. “Ok, well he’s not going to get away that easily,” I said, “ we’re going to cast a T-60 to him out, and see if he will take it on the surface.” But, still nothing.

So finally, a little disheartened, I decided to keep trolling. “But first, let’s take that T-60 off and put the flutter spoon back on.”

As we stood there in the boat switching lures, it was like it was meant to be.. Lake Trout started surfacing out of the dark crack in the oldest rock in the world – A nose, then dorsal fin, and then the huge tail fin, I knew I had seen her earlier.. Then, with a quick double check of the business of the hook, it was time for flutter spoon to go in for one more swim.

The next few moments was perfect! The perfect cast, a few feet ahead of the fish, just past a dark hole in the rock, and she CRUSH it! With what seemed like an instantaneous explosion, the lake trout was peeling line out well into the backing, crushed the flutters spoon, she made some awesome strong runs, and settled into the net!

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