Lake Trout on the Fly

Lake Trout



Lake Trout and caribou, oh my what a day! There are several claims of other Lakes in Northwest Territories being home to the legendary Gigantic Trout and though it may be true, to only a degree, this is the place where they were perfected. It was another perfect day on the water slamming fish in the high teens to high twenties. The boats each caught and released 30+ fish with the largest being in the high twenties at 27 lbs.

The action on steady, you were catching or watching a fellow boater catching. We travelled out as a group and there was some heavy betting, some teasing, and a lot of laughs. Shore lunch had everyone talking about the excitement of hammering fish. One fellow said, I feel like a kid in a candy store.

Aylmer Lake Trout

Few places on earth have Lake Trout this pretty. Thick green side with brown serpentine markings pour out of huge gill plates accenting their broad shouldered heavy bellied deep green bodies that are covered with brown lines that ooze into one another. But don’t let these good looks fool you. One look at the grocery hole of a mouth on these critters will clue you in to the fact that they love eating smaller Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling, rodent-eating, duck stealing, lake serpents. They are far removed from their wimpy midge sipping kin in the lower forty-eight.

We are very proud of our Lake Trout, as our native resident species. Out of this respect we have adopted a strict, catch and release policy in order to ensure the long-lasting protection of one of our greatest and most unique fishery resources.

We use a wide variety of techniques when targeting our Lake Trout, and we fish in a whole bunch of different types of water. Flesh flies, egg imitations, sculpin patterns and leeches all work well at certain times on the Lockhart river, Thonokie river and the Thanakoie river. Mousing for Lake Trout is one of our favorite ways of fishing for Lake Trout. We fish big-water, ledges and drop-offs, spawning beds in August and little tiny side channels.

Lots of our fishing for Lake Trout happens on foot for the rivers and in boats for the lakes. We sometimes fish from our boats in ‘drift boat’ mode.

Fly Tackle for Lake Trout


We recommend 8-10 weight high quality, fast action rods capable of casting mouse patterns and split shot, and dealing with the occasional rogue Grayling that will strike your trout fly. Drift fishing can be snag intensive so be prepared to use a little heavier leader for trout than most people are accustomed to. Lake Trout on the Thanakoie river can range from 7 lbs up to 48 lbs our biggest landed in the river!


To match rod with medium to strong drag.


Sinking tip lines with 120 yards of backing are most common.


12 to 20 pound monofilament.


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