Flat Water Day


August 2, 2017
After a hearty breakfast we headed out to the Thanakoie River. What a boat ride water like glass, and the scenery magnificent. As my group said, Ah inspiring scenery.” We arrived dropped our lines and let the games begin. We were off to a great start got one line in and the bite was on. Perfect day! Flat water day and the bite is on. Fish after fish, biggest landed was 28 lbs but we lost many at the boat that were bigger. “Me, you have a bite, him, no I think I am snagged on a rock. Hello, your right it’s a fish and it’s a big one. The fight is on, gets it to the boat and then the fish hammers the line and cruises right on by. They do this weird thing of hammer hard past, stop, slack and spit the hook out. My guy says, what the hell, he had to be over 40, I am yup and they are willy, fighters.”


Again a day of boating high teens to high twenties, biggest of the day a 28 pounder. A bonus of this day was a sighting of an Arctic Grizzly Bear. He was in the rapids and he was fishing! He saw us when we saw him, we both looked at each other and he decided to move on out. We got some long distance photos. Our client had fished 11 times in the Arctic and that was his first sighting of a Grizzly Bear. The very best fishing action happening and you get the added bonus of wildlife, that makes it memorable.

As we sat around the dinner table eating a great meal, we began to look back at our day on the water. The consensus was, most fish boated ever, day after day, opportunity provided for some really big guys, enough action to keep everyone hoping all day long. Great shore lunches and a real treat to arrive back at your cabin and have fresh baked chip chip cookies sitting on your table for a light snack before supper.

The daylight cannot get over the daylight, “ I was standing outside my cabin at midnight and it is daylight, up at 5:00 AM bright daylight.” We said, it’s getting darker now as we head into August it will get dark at night and you will be seeing the Northern Lights. Up here you look South to see the Northern Lights. We get spectacular Northern Lights because we have zero light pollution.

If you are wanting to experience the fishing and the Northern Lights, you need to book mid August to Mid Sept. it will be cooler days, no bugs, and it will be dark at night. If you want yo experience the 24 hour daylight then you need to book July 1 to mid August.

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