Planes of The Tundra

We spent over two months in the Northwest Territories flying staff, clients and supplies to Aylmer Lake Lodge with the best bush planes and companies: Cessna Baby Caravan, DeHavilland Twin Otter and the 185 Cessna aircraft all on floats.

Bush flying refers to flying that is done in remote and rugged areas of the Northwest Territories Canada.  Oftentimes planes that fly in the bush are equipped with floats to take off and land on water.

Our bush flying originates in the remote areas of the Canadian north Barrenlands where the lack of roads makes the transportation of necessities (such as clients, staff, fuel for generators and boats, food, medicine and building materials)only possible by float planes.


Perhaps more than other types of flying, bush flying invokes romantic notions of people flying off to Aylmer Lake Lodge in the  north eastern regions of the Northwest Territories. The image of Caravan, Twin Otter or 185 taking off or landing on a remote pristine lake with the oldest rock in the world called the barrenlands as a backdrop has become the iconic picture portraying the float plane fly in fishing lifestyle of Aylmer Lake Lodge.

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